Account Based Marketing (ABM)
ABM strategies for specific targeting of large accounts (customers)

What is Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing (marketing targeting of large potential customers) essentially combines the experience and expertise of the marketing and sales departments of a company, in order to target selected groups of accounts (potential customers), for which a customized marketing plan is required. Instead of targeting the entire market with ABM, it is focused on companies with which the company wishes to do business.

To achieve the goals set by the business, skilled marketing executives must implement strategies that merge the expertise of the sales and marketing teams in four key stages:

number-iconTarget Prospects – Targeting of potential customers.

number-iconNurture & Engage – Create & share personalised content – Interact with potential customers through communication

number-iconConvert – Conversion to customers

number-iconBuild Long-Term Relationships – Building long-term relationships with customers that lead to new sales opportunities

What's included

  • Alignment of sales and marketing departments: have 1 common goal, to convert a target account into a customer
  • Shorter sales cycle: ABM always takes into account all the parameters set by the decision-making team, providing them with all the necessary information to help them make the right decisions in the shortest possible time.
  • Net return on investment (ROI): return on investment can be better understood with ABM than with traditional marketing.
  • Fewer wasted resources: ABM focuses on the most likely accounts, so that almost no resources are wasted on prospects and potential customers who ultimately won’t convert.
  • Better customer experience: through this strategy, it is possible to deepen and display content that is seamlessly linked to target accounts. This ensures greater relevance that contributes to an improved customer experience.

In the digital age, grabbing the attention of potential buyers is harder than ever. This is where ABM can work in the business’s favour, through personalising the Buyer’s journey and tailoring all communications, content and campaigns for these specific potential customers to increase ROI and convert these potential customers into customers. To achieve their goals, many companies seeking high-value customers often find that an ABM strategy serves them better than attracting a broad network.

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