congratulations on your new e-shop! Now what...?

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The creation of your e-shop was a time consuming venture that was implemented successfully and now it’s time to lay back and watch the sales increase drastically! Right?

Unfortunately, things are not that simple.

It is true that in this digital era, the creation of an e-shop brings you closer to success. Nevertheless, this is just the first and easiest step. The real challenge is to differentiate your electronic store in order to acquire and obtain customers.

How are you going to achieve this? By offering to your consumers exactly what they ask for.


What Greeks ask for nowadays
A recent research of ELTRUN showed that Greek Internet users are becoming fonder of the e-commerce websites and demand a unique user experience. Some of them have fulfilled their expectations adequately. Improvements are identified in the field of transparency in terms of clear stated policy, terms of use regarding cancellation of orders, returns or replacements of products etc.
Another important enhancement is the availability of multiple payment methods that the majority of Greek e-shops include. More specifically, what an e-shop needs to have in order to be trusted by Greeks is summarized below:


Source : Annual Research on e-Business 2013-2014, ELTRUN

The requirements are divided in four general categories:

  • Security/Certification
  • Customer Service
  • Site (Fast/Ease of use)
  • Branding

Let’s see some additional information regarding the way that you can meet these requirements in your e-shop accordingly.

#1 Security

To build trust, your website needs to have certified payments with services such as Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. With the use of such services, each e-shop has the capability of verifying the card holder via a secret password that the owner inserts when purchasing a product.
Also, it is highly recommended that an e-shop offers a variety of payment methods like Paypal.


#2 Customer Service & #3 Site

Exceptional photos
By utilizing excellent quality of photos there is a win-win situation; on one hand, we solve the crucial problem of distant sales: the weakness of seeing the products live, touching them and testing them before we actually buy them. By taking clear shots of the product from multiple angles (360 view) which are combined with a powerful description, the danger of a false or unwanted sales are highly decreased.

In addition, the use of high resolution photos is extremely helpful in capturing the user’s attention. So, if a product catches the customer’s eye, the desire to buy it is strengthening.

Astolabs suggests that you always hire a professional photographer for the product portfolio of your e-shop and avoid uploading amateur photos, captured by a smartphone’s camera.



Well-written descriptions that convert visitors to customers
The texts of all products must be written in simple language without containing complex terminology.

It is preferable to use legible sentences that contain words in the language of your audience. Language should be natural and the descriptions should be targeted to the advantages of the product and its unique competitive advantage. At the same time, specific Call-To-Action (CTAs) buttons should be placed strategically in order to point the visitor to the cart and the checkout process.

Easy purchase procedure
By the time the customer reaches the checkout option, our main concern is to simplify the checkout process as much as possible. It is better to avoid displaying anything that may cause distraction, such as banners and definitely include CTAs that lead the visitor to checkout.

Additionally, the capability of a fast purchase is always welcome: if a sign-in form is needed before the submission of the order, keep the minimum number of required information. In cases that sign in is not required, it is preferable to include the option of purchase without the creation of an account.



Wish list 
Sometimes, when browsing an e-shop, we come across products that we like, but we are not ready/sure if we want to buy them. If there isn’t the option of the wish list, then the visitor may...forget about those products and we will lose the possibility of completing this sale forever.

To combat that, given the opportunity to your potential customer to save to his/her account products that is fond of and redirect him/her to your e-shop by using different methods, such as email marketing. In this way, you increase the possibility of a sale and as result...the overall revenue of your enterprise.
Related products
Help your potential customer by providing ideas for more of your products and maximize the chances of multiple purchases. For instance, if you own an e-shop that is selling cosmetics, like  REDwater™,  in the section of "related products" you can include ideas on how the customer can get a completed care package or recommend other products that he/she might like.

Review of products
Product reviews are proven to increase the sales of e-shops. This happens because consumers trust other people’s reviews with an objective point of view who have already tried the product.

Exploit this opportunity! Since you offer a quality product that your customers love, give them the chance to advertise and recommend it to other people!

#4 Branding

After creating an online shop that is aligned with the requirements of its visitors and offers excellent customer service, it is vital to invest on building a strong brand name as well as acquiring new customers to increase brand awareness.

Be sure that continuous and unified online presence exists through all the social media channels of your company. In addition, set up google AdWords campaigns and never underestimate the potential of email marketing.

Things are not easy.

But (they) are clear.

The implementation of an e-shop needs to be followed by systematic and well-organized endeavors in order to lead to the desired results.

Take care of your customers by offering them exactly what they need and it is certain that you will gain profit/competitive advantage!

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