Facebook F8 Developers Conference: Astrolabs were there!

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The future is private… and very interesting!

Facebook F8 is an annual conference held by Facebook, hosted in San Jose, CA in Silicon Valley. It is Facebook’ s biggest event of the year that spotlights its global community and the latest technology from its family of apps. Astrolabs’ Digital Managing Director, Effie Chatzigianopoulou, was there and these are her top takeaways from the event!  

Facebook: Goodbye News Feed, Hello Events and Groups!

The users have spoken: they like groups and events... So Facebook makes sure they get what they ask for.

For many users, facebook groups is the most meaningful part of how the use Facebook. So, groups are going to be extremely highlighted in every part of the app!

What about making new friends?

Most of us have created our Facebook profiles many many years ago... So we are already connected with friends, family and everyone we know. Facebook is going to make it easy for you to expand your social circle with the "Meet New Friends" feature, to help you meet people who may have a shared online interest and a real-world connection that means they can connect in the real world."

Instagram: More creation, less numbers

Let's admit it, we don't like that Instagram has become all about number of followers and likes. For some users, chacing likes has become a stressful experience. What did we use to love about Instagram? Its creative aspect and its friendliness. 

So, Instagram goes back to that: Downplaying statistics that might stress people out and updating the camera interface and adding a new “Create Mode,” which makes it easier to share content beyond traditional photos and videos, by building a post from scratch without needing to upload an existing photo or video!

And the exciting news: It will let people buy products from inside the app, opening it to creators in addition to companies! How? Shopping tags that will let any influencer, artist, or celebrity tag an article of clothing they’re wearing so followers can buy that item on the spot, all from within Instagram!


Facebook Messenger: smaller, faster & better

The new version of Facebook Messenger will be smaller, faster, it will come with bots, payments, games and with a new feature devoted to your close friends and family. The new feature will let you share videos you find on Facebook to Messenger and invite others to watch along with you and trade messages about it.



Facebook is going to make your love life better!

Do you have a secret crush and you are just too afraid to make a move? Well, Facebook is here for you! If both of you like each other, Facebook will let you know. If you don't share the same feelings, no one will know and life will go on... :)


The Future is Private

Mark Zuckerberg kicked-off the event with the message «The Future is Private», stating that Facebook is very well aware of the fact that people are mistrusting it. So, Facebook is doing everything it can to focus on helping people connecting to other people and loved ones through the use of its apps in a safer way.


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