GrowthRocks and Astrolabs Join Their Forces!

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On the 1st of November, a new chapter begins for the two marketing agencies - GrowthRocks and Astrolabs.
Since their beginning, each agency has managed to create its own unique blend of marketers, growth hackers, and developers. In the last few years, GrowthRocks and Astrolabs have successfully teamed up to accomplish numerous projects. Given their excellent cooperation, the two firms decided to “go steady” and make their collaboration permanent.

Who’s GrowthRocks?

GrowthRocks is one of the top growth Hacking Agencies internationally, ranking #1 worldwide for the term “growth hacking agency”. In just 3 years, GrowthRocks has managed to expand its market coverage to 16 countries, with offices in Athens, London, Bucharest and affiliates in 10 more countries. Moreover, the GrowthRocks team has developed a VC-backed startup called Viral Loops, a SaaS platform for referral marketing. GrowthRocks has also deployed a number of ‘Growth Academies’ in all possible formats; in-class, web, and intracompany

Who’s Astrolabs?

Astrolabs is a leading digital communications agency with a 20-year presence in the industry. Its continuous development, the long-term trust of its clients and the ongoing addition of outstanding professionals to its team, has led Astrolabs to be considered as one of the best communications agencies in Europe. Astrolabs may have a digital core but it offers a broadened range of services, holistically, to meet the needs of its clients. Astrolabs consists of 3 ‘Labs’: the Creative Lab, the Development Lab and the Digital Marketing Lab.

What changes will this collaboration bring?

Current and future customers of the two agencies will benefit from this alliance in terms of the services they will receive, as this fusion will bring::
●    A bigger team
●    Broader expertise
●    Enhanced capacity

Both GrowthRocks and AstroLabs will continue to be separate brand entities, offering their services independently to any client that has opted-in for that. This collaboration is signed by Theodoros Moulos (CEO GrowthRocks), Effie Chatzigiannopoulou - Bersoux (Digital Managing Director Astrolabs), and John Theodorakis (CEO Astrolabs).

If you have any questions, please contact us::

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