how colors and design determine the sucess of your website!

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During the procedure of an online purchase there are numerous factors, each with a different influential weight, that affect the buyer’s final decision.

Some of the most decisive factors are those related to the visual impression of the product like the design and the colors of a package or a company’s logo.

There is of course a science around colors and how they affect our mood and feelings and consequently our purchase decisions.

For example, black color and dark shades create a sense of seriousness, trustworthiness and professionalism. It is extensively used for the creation of the brand identity of "robust" companies such as construction companies, stock market companies, consulting companies etc.

On the other hand, green color gives the sense of "natural" and ecological while it provides tranquility. Therefore, green is more appropriate for enterprises that operate in industries of bio products, human resources or pharmaceuticals.

Each type of consumers that we want to attract is associated with different colors. For instance, vivid colors like red and orange attract more impulsive buyers and that is the reason these colors are used extensively for offers and sales. You can see more detailed information in the picture below:


Source: kissmetrics blog

Colors are important to the Web Design…

As you would assume, colors affect greatly the success of a website. This fact should be taken into consideration while creating the website of your company. Every day, online purchases gain more ground; from furniture and clothing to groceries, resulting in escalated customer requirements for the websites they visit.

Online buyers put emphasis in the details of a website and especially in the shapes, colors and aesthetics.

Visitors need to feel familiar with your website, to see colors that will capture their attention and easily understand its functionalities.

Research has shown that 52% of buyers do not return to a website if they are not satisfied by the design and the color choices, while a percentage of 42% of buyers do not purchase at all because of the aforementioned reasons even if they have initially liked the product.

All in all, pay attention to the user experience of your visitors. Make a thorough research on your products or services, the type of the consumer that you would like to attract as well as the emotions that you want to create to your audience. Discuss all these with your web designer and build an appropriate website.

In the digital era that we live in, where optical stimuli is more crucial than ever, the least you can do for your company is to exploit this opportunity!


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