What is a Digital Marketing Funnel?

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The world of digital marketing is full of buzzwords, aiming to impress without always channeling the necessary and concentrated knowledge suitable for the uninitiated to this ever-growing digital landscape. 


One of these buzzwords is certainly not the Digital Marketing Funnel. On the contrary, it is the most important strategy guide that will help you navigate through the -sometimes- uncharted waters of the digital world. 


For those who don' t already know it, a digital marketing funnel consists of the steps a prospect takes from being unaware of your brand to becoming a customer. Essentially, a digital marketing funnel maps the journey the audience takes from the first time they hear about your brand until they become a customer or even a brand advocate. Each phase the audience goes through has a specific goal which is met with different tactics. As you can already tell, we basically go through marketing funnels every day


There are some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that there is no “one funnel to rule them all”. There are no shortcuts and the path is almost never linear. It’s an ongoing dialogue, a back and forth swing of the pendulum. The good news is that It may sound challenging but there are only 3 basic rules you need to follow when designing a digital marketing funnel, fit for your objectives:


-    Start simple

-    Test

-    Optimize


With this in mind, let’s examine the journey someone takes through when entering our Astro-Funnel, our very own Digital Marketing Sales Funnel


The Astro-Funnel

Phase 1 - PLAN:

Your online branded content is your identity. It should reflect the brand’s values, its mission and what it has to offer to the potential customer. Your website is the image you want to project to the world and we are here to design & develop it for you. 


Phase 2 - REACH:

Your website is ready, the pieces are set but people need to be able to discover you and you should be able to communicate with your potential customer base. Search engine queries and Social Media Profiles are only some of the roads that can lead to your website but the website itself should be as discoverable & accessible as possible. Through Search Engine Optimization and Local Search Optimization, the right keywords entered in Google searches will lead the audience to your brand and through Pay Per Click Campaigns, the right ads will be delivered to the right people at any given time. 


Phase 3 - ACT:

Sustainability and consistency are key factors that determine the success of a brand’s online presence. Your website should always be up to date, both content-wise and tech-wise. An in-house online blog with news that concern your brand and your industry can always help and it goes without saying that your website should always be secure from cyber attacks, with each byte of data stored impervious to any breach. Your customer entrusts you with very personal information and should always feel safe about this decision.


Phase 4 - CONVERT:

How many of those who end up on your website actually make a purchase? Was there something that discouraged them along the way? How do we get them back? Did they revisit your website to complete a purchase after a product was remarketed to them? Were they satisfied enough to subscribe to your newsletter? Did they unsubscribe soon after? These are only some of the questions we answer daily in order to achieve a positive and satisfying conversion rate. 


Phase 5 - ENGAGE:

The customer has left the website after completing a purchase, but our mission didn’t end there. We must now initiate an ongoing dialogue with this new customer and make them feel a part of the brand’s community. The post-purchase opinion is a crucial one since every customer is also a potential influencer to their own circles. Through E-mail and Social Media Marketing, we ensure that the conversation continues to not only interest the audience but to make them want to engage with the content we provide for them. 


Well, I guess this is it?


Of course not! 


As we said earlier, testing & optimization are the key components of a successful digital marketing funnel and luckily, we have all the tools to make sure that each phase is operating smoothly and in sync with the needs of our clients. There are specific sets of metrics we always need to measure, analyze and determine whether it’s ok to proceed with our digital strategy or take a step back, re-evaluate and follow up even stronger and more efficient than before!

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