your site is in danger of being characterised as “not secure”

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What is the SSL certificate
SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. The SSL protocol is also known as Digital Certificate and guarantees the secure exchange of data between a website and a visitor’s browser, so that any malicious attempt of data interception such as credit card credentials, passwords or sign in information is hindered.

It is evident that a website uses an SSL certificate when a small icon of a green lock appears in front of the website address as well as an “https” prefix. In some cases, the logo of the company that owns the domain, is also visible. These kind of SSL certificates are provided by companies that are called “Certificate Authorities”. These companies undertake the identification of the site's data and thus guarantee the secure transfer of data between the websites and their users.

SSL certificates are becoming obligatory
According to Google's official announcement, the SSL certificate will become mandatory for every website. In fact, after July 2018, Google will decrease the ranking of websites without SSL certificate as well as showcase a symbol of danger and the indication of "not secure" for such sites. As a result, the significance of SSL certificate is number one priority for your website.

Get an SSL certificate
In Astrolabs we take care of your website's security and overall performance by providing SSL certificates from trustworthy providers/companies.  Contact us here to give you further information!


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