Digital & Social Media Campaigns
Strategically focused campaigns with measurable results.

What is Digital & Social Media Campaigns

Digital & Social Media Campaigns (campaigns) are a coordinated marketing action that aims to enhance the awareness of the brand, products and services of the company, using at least one advertising platform. It also helps to increase potential customers by delivering messages to targeted audiences and as a result its profitability.

These campaigns are focused, have measurable results and influence users to feel or act in a certain way that is fully aligned with the goals of the business.

The use of Digital and Social Media Campaigns is important in order for every business to benefit from them, to generate new results (leads and sales), by increasing the visibility to its potential clientele.

Digital and Social Media Campaigns enable us to hyper-target specific users, create an audience database and evaluate the return on investment of the business based on measurable goals.

What's included

  • Opening of advertising accounts
  • Creation & installation of platform monitoring code
  • Production of texts and visuals of advertisements
  • A/B Testing – Control/Monitoring – Configuration
  • Monthly meeting for reporting and planning future actions

Implementing the right plan is important because it ensures future success. Part of the service is to define an approach to one or more channels. Studying the details of the target audience, the product set, the company’s position and what it offers in the market based on the objective and desired results, and then arriving at a detailed plan of action.

Depending on the promotional needs and the relevant plan that will be developed with the client, the appropriate Digital Media Campaigns that will be selected based on the objectives of the strategy are included.


Initially a comprehensive audit of previous ad accounts (e.g. Google ads or Facebook ad account) is applied. If there are no previous accounts, new ones are created and configured.

Ensure fast and measurable results.

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