Email Marketing
A powerful marketing channel to enhance the company's image and customer relations.

What is Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a channel that enables businesses to communicate targeted content to an audience that has expressed a relevant interest in the activities of the business.

It is a successful strategy for reaching the public and increasing the profitability of a business.

Despite the rise of Social Media Platforms, users are using email more than other platforms with the number growing significantly every year.

According to research, there are currently around 4.3 billion daily email users, which is expected to reach 4.6 billion by 2025. While the mail which is sent and received on a daily basis of 306 billion is projected to reach 376 billion in the corresponding time frame.

Based on the above percentage, Email Marketing is the surest way to provide timely information and display targeted messages through personalized email campaigns. Through this, strong connections are created without the reach being affected by algorithm changes as in Social Media Platforms.

Thus, the company is in a continuous dialogue with the public, achieving an increase in targeted results, enhancing brand awareness and creating a loyal audience of customers (Customer Loyalty).

What's included

  • Newsletters: are informative emails sent on a regular basis to the company’s mailing list and have a specific subject matter, usually to inform customers about the latest corporate/commercial developments that concern them.
  • Transactional Emails: the continuation of the dialogue with the customer after the completion of a purchase. These mails are sent after specific customer actions, such as confirmation of sale, but because they have a very high Open Rate, they are a very good jumping point for direct promotion and subsequent actions of the company.
  • Automated Email Marketing: following specific actions taken by the audience after an online interaction with the business, automated communication is possible in order to provide a more personalized and optimized experience.
  • Re-Engagement E-mail Marketing: re-engaging registered users on the company’s mailing list. Through specially designed e-mail content, we aim to re-engage with the audience (e.g. inactive users) in order to get them to return to our site and receive the corresponding purchase actions we want.

E-mail Marketing includes

  • The implementation of an email marketing strategy
  • The design and implementation of templates, based on the objectives set in the strategy
  • The management of the contact list and its separation into individual lists based on user interests, according to the strategy
  • The creation and sending of newsletters
  • The reporting after sending them

Any business, regardless of industry, using email marketing correctly, can get even closer to the success of the goals it has set.

Communicate more effectively with the public through E-mail Marketing

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