Lead Nurture
The process of cultivating the relationship between the business and potential customers in order to convert them into buyers.

What is Lead Nurture

Lead Nurture is the process of interacting and nurturing the relationship between the business and prospective customers, providing them with appropriate content at each stage of their “journey” until they become buyers.

Successful Lead Nurture anticipates customer needs based on their characteristics (title, role, industry, etc.) and the stage they are at in the buying process. Nurturing strengthens the business – potential customer relationship by providing informative content relevant to them. If implemented correctly, lead nurturing can enhance so-called customer loyalty, i.e. customer trust and loyalty to the company long before a potential customer is ready to buy.

Why it is important

Lead nurturing is critical to the success of a business because it can directly influence a potential customer’s decision on whether or not to convert to a buyer-partner. This is achieved through a myriad of actions such as targeted content, interaction from multiple communication channels, multiple interactions and personalized messaging at the right time for that particular customer.

What's included

  • Customer education and information: Lead Nurturing aims to convert potential customers into customers by providing educational or related content with alternative solutions to potential customers’ problems.
  • Understanding the needs and desires of customers: The design of the content used for Lead Nurturing campaigns will be most effective if it is based on and meets the wants and needs of each customer and creates a sense of personal contact and responsiveness to their requirements.
  • Guiding the customer to make the right decision: Effective Lead Nurturing means educating, guiding a potential customer towards a specific product or service. The content should help them make a better decision by answering all their questions. It improves the potential customer’s buying experience by providing them with all the details they need to make an informed decision.
  • Cultivating trust in the company: If the content displayed to customers is accurate, informative and provides the reader with real value, it will show that the company is aware of what its customers want. Through its content it is given the opportunity to showcase its values, credibility and expertise.

As companies adopt Inbound Marketing strategies to attract more potential customers, the reason for having an effective Lead Nurturing strategy becomes very clear. In most cases, only a small percentage of potential customers will be ready to make a direct purchase or close a deal, leaving a large percentage of potential customers untapped. This is why Lead Nurturing can have a huge impact on the results of an Inbound Marketing strategy, customer loyalty, customer retention, revenue and more.

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