Mobile Applications
Software that is installed on mobile devices and is designed to perform specific processes for each user.

What is Mobile Applications

The use of mobile phones for browsing, research and shopping online has far surpassed the use of computers for the same activities. Rates of smartphone use are increasing significantly, especially among younger age groups, as is the use of mobile apps.

But why invest in a mobile app
when you have a responsive website?

There are several reasons that make mobile apps better than mobile websites, below are some of them.

They offer better personalisation.
They work faster than websites.
They enable the possibility of sending notifications directly to users.
They take advantage of mobile device features to improve the user experience.
They provide the ability to work offline.
They provide freedom of design.
They are an additional sales channel.
Increase customer loyalty towards the brand.

We can provide custom solutions!

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AstroLabs specialized team of mobile app developers has the ability to design and implement mobile applications following all modern techniques, in order to meet the needs of your business and your customers.

The development includes solutions for Android and iOS implementing Hybrid Apps using web technology (Cross Platform Apps, Single Code Base for Android & iOS Platforms).

The programming languages and platforms we use for the implementation (JS, Vue.js, Capacitor) vary depending on the needs of the project. An important part of the construction of the application is the custom graphic design, to which we pay special attention so that the final result has high aesthetics and offers the best user experience.

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