Outbound Lead Generation
The process of finding & interacting with new customers that fit your ideal customer profile

What is Outbound Lead Generation

Outbound Lead Generation is the set of marketing actions we use to bring in new leads through “outbound” tactics with the goal of converting them into customers or partners.

Through outbound activities we build real relationships with the audience using targeted communication, content & messages to reach our potential customers at the right time.

The difference with inbound lead generation is that outbound is based on initiating the interaction from the business side, while inbound is based on prospecting from the customer side. In short, in outbound the business reaches out to customers, while in inbound the customers find the business!

Some more traditional outbound marketing activities include radio – TV advertisements, cold calls and presence at exhibitions. The logic of outbound lead generation in the digital world is based on the same principles, with the notable difference being the use of more reliable digital tools to find the right audience.

What's included

Google Ads: Search and Display campaigns are used to show the business to an audience that has expressed interest in specific services and products. This results in attracting the interest of the audience which leads to new leads.

Social Ads: Organic Social Media posts are an important part of the Digital Marketing strategy. Unfortunately, however, they only appear to a percentage of the audience that follows the account. Through social media advertising campaigns, it is possible to reach a targeted audience that has expressed interest in the products or services of the business in question. Accordingly, it leads to the generation of new leads.

Email Marketing: The medium with the highest conversion rate to leads in a b2b reality is email marketing. Categorizing users into lists based on common interests or characteristics allows for the creation of personalized content for each list. The closer the content the user receives is to their interests, the higher the chances of conversion.

Social Selling: It is an evolution of cold calling, a time-honored and proven sales method for reaching potential customers. Social selling is achieved through the use of specific social media channels such as Linkedin, providing businesses with new opportunities for more direct and targeted communication with potential customers and converting them into partner customers.


Inbound Marketing has become tremendously popular in recent years, but it cannot replace Outbound Marketing. The synergy of the two strategies is sure to bring any company more leads, results and profits. Outbound will place each company’s message in the right channels, in front of the right audience with efficiency and good ROI rates.

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