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A. TZORTZI SA has been providing solutions in the field of energy independence of businesses since 1981. Some of its main product categories are Power Pairs, Photovoltaic and Industrial UPS. Their goal is to provide customized solutions based on the needs and different selection criteria of customers.

A. TZORTZI SA approached AstroLabs in January 2022 as it was looking for ways torenew its online presence, and acquire new leads for Power Pairs.


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The AstroLabs team from February 2022 implemented a Paid Lead Generation strategy to generate new leads for Power Pairs.

To optimize the results of our Paid Lead Generation activities, we designed and built a targeted landing page for Power Pairs.

Within 6 months AstroLabs created 3 different advertising campaigns in order to attract audiences to the new landing page and generate leads.

  • Through the use of Search campaigns we succeeded in presenting the company to an audience that has expressed interest in the specific products.
  • Through the use of Display campaigns in Custom Audience we achieved the company's appearance to a targeted audience that has shown interest in such products on a competitor's site.
  • Finally, through the use of display campaigns to audiences that visited the landing page, we re-engaged audiences that showed interest in the products.
  • Using code, all actions taken by users on the landing page were recorded in order to obtain targeted information about the users' shopping journey and to optimize the campaigns in order to increase leads.


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