Website Audit
Optimize the performance of your website.

What is Website Audit

Website Audit, is a technical audit, which is applied in order to obtain a comprehensive analysis of every factor that may affect the visibility and ease of use of the company’s website to users, suggesting the appropriate optimizations.

A comprehensive Website Audit can determine whether or not your business website is optimized to achieve the defined goals and the actions that need to be taken to improve its effectiveness, increase traffic and performance.

Why it is important

Just as a machine needs maintenance and repair to ensure that it is functional, the website needs the same attention and control to ensure its proper operation.

The Website Audit benefits any business that aims to develop its online presence. It is not just about one variable, but involves different types that need to be analyzed and that act as an inhibitor to the website user experience.

The Website Audit helps in finding all of the above and contributes to the proper functioning of the company’s website. While regularly conducting a website audit keeps the digital structures of businesses agile and aligned with Google’s best practices.

Through the optimization of its online presence, a company invests in its development in the digital world and contributes to its differentiation from the competition.

What's included

The parameters we consider at Astrolabs when conducting a Website Audit are hundreds, but some of the most important ones are the following:

  • Design
  • User Friendly
    • User Experience
    • Easy Navigation
    • Clear menu structure based on service/product categories
    • Responsive – Mobile Friendly
    • Loading speed
  • Google Friendly
    • Titles, Meta Tags, Heading, Friendly URLs
    • Sitemap.xml
    • Robots.txt
    • 404 Pages, Broken Links
  • Marketing Friendly
    • Copywriting
    • CTAs
    • Lead Form
    • Exit Pop Ups
  • Technical
    • Platform upgrades
    • Safety certificates

After completing a Website Audit the business receives a summary report from Astrolabs , including any problems discovered while also reporting the most effective way to fix them.

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