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Zafeirakis Bides


The company Zafirakis Screws is active in the field of screws and industrial products since 1970

Having an established physical presence with 3 stores throughout Greece, it wanted its online presence to reflect the level of its products and services.


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Increase orders through Social & Google Ads


The client’s goals included increasing awareness, sales and training someone within the company to manage their digital marketing department after we were done.

Having a corporate website & an e-shop at its disposal, we had to take into account a particular customer journey in order for the right audience not only to reach the customer’s touchpoints (websites, social media, newsletters, etc.) but to be able to guide them and offer them a holistic user experience that will leave them satisfied and positively predisposed for future purchases.

To achieve this, the Digital Marketing team of AstroLabs, developed and implemented a 6-month 360 Digital Marketing Strategy that included:

After evaluating the 2 websites, we proposed and rebuilt large parts of the homepages and internal pages both for SEO optimization but mainly for the optimization of the user experience.

In order for the visual communication of Zafirakis Screws to be recognizable across all channels of the company, we designed guidelines around the brand communication in order to maintain creative consistency and increase awareness.

While the company's social media channels were active, the creative ones were not "intense" enough for the audience to remember them and their subject matter was almost exclusively product-based. After some research, we enriched the themes of the social media posts with content aligned with the company's goals.

The image of Zafeirakis on Social Media has changed:
zafirakis social media change

The company's huge range of products is aimed at a wide range of professionals. As email is the channel with one of the highest conversion rates, we wanted those who receive emails in the inbox to only receive updates that are relevant to them.

We did this by building categorized mailing lists of website visitors. This meant that our email marketing campaigns were no longer generic but personalized based on the professional industry declared by registered users.

Using a combination of social media ads & google ads, through continuous optimizations, we achieved an increase not only in website traffic but also in other important usage indicators such as dwell time, phone numbers and most importantly, an increase in sales.


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