Digital Marketing Strategy
The plan of digital marketing actions to achieve the company's goals.

What is it

The Digital Marketing Strategy is a plan that is implemented, after extensive research, based on the objectives of the company. It includes all the actions that need to be carried out, combined with the appropriate tools, in order to achieve the specific objectives.

The Digital Marketing Strategy is essential for the development of the online presence of the business being the key that will lead to profitability.

The Digital Marketing environment is vast and complex, which is why it is essential for every business to have a guide to help them achieve their goals.

The Digital Marketing Strategy is the guide that helps the business to attract targeted potential customers through the right communication channels, with the promotion of specific messages in order to achieve the objectives. Significant advantages over traditional marketing, the actions are 100% measurable and the time to deliver the actions is significantly shorter.

A Digital Marketing Strategy includes

  • Collection of information, analysis and evaluation of the company’s current online presence and digital marketing activities to date
  • Study and analysis of the online presence of competitors
  • Identification of marketing personas and analysis of their behaviour
  • Definition of the marketing funnel with recording of all required steps
  • Defining the specific goals (KPIs) we want to achieve. They involve measurable elements related to digital marketing that we have defined in a way that aligns with the goals of the business
  • Choice of channels will be used to achieve the objectives
  • Defining the identity of the company, defining the tone of voice and the aesthetics that will highlight online presence through the content that will be uploaded on the various online channels
  • Social Media Posting Strategy: Selection of the subject matter, the type of posts, the frequency of posts, the mechanism for generating the content of the posts. Hashtag research and definition of branded hashtags
  • PPC Campaign Strategy
  • Εmail Marketing Plan
  • Website audit & optimization

AstroLabs’ digital strategists at the beginning of the partnership carry out the strategy development as well as the creation of the Brand Manual, a manual that includes the rules of communication of the brand & identity.

The Brand Manual can launch the image of the company while helping it to gain a place in the daily browsing of the public without being “pushy” and tedious, as it is fully tailored to the objectives and in full harmony with its Digital Strategy.

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