Inbound Lead Generation
Reaching a targeted audience through the creation of targeted content

What is it

Inbound Lead Generation is a strategy of reaching potential customers through the creation of targeted content that aligns with the needs of this audience. It inspires long-term relationships with customers as well as increases customer loyalty to the brand.

Potential customers decide to become customers of the business because it provides them with solutions to their problems. That’s the purpose of inbound marketing – to generate new leads for the business by providing content that answers those needs.

These solutions can be tailored to each platform with the main purpose of reaching potential buyers at different stages of the buying cycle. The aim of the above is to push the prospective customer into action – starting a two-way relationship that ultimately results in a sale.

What it includes

Inbound Lead Generation has grown in popularity in recent years, especially in the B2B space, as B2B customers prefer to do their own research on products and services before contacting salespeople and checking how – when to interact with the company in question.

It is the opposite of Outbound Lead Generation, where the company distributes content to attract potential customers, whereas in the case of Inbound Lead Generation, the potential customers are the ones who are looking for the solutions and approach companies that can offer them. The content is what will differentiate the business from the competition and attract high-interest leads.

Inbound Lead Generation in the 3 stages of the buying cycle:

  • Attract – Approach: the aim is to attract the target audience by using specialized content such as social media posts and specialized articles that will highlight the company as a trusted advisor they will want to work with.
  • Engage – Interaction: presenting information and solutions that are aligned with the problems and goals of potential customers, so that they can identify the company and its products and services as the solution they need. Using Marketing Automations and workflows, the most appropriate content can be directed to the audience depending on the stage of the buying cycle they are in.
  • Delight – Maintaining Customer Satisfaction: Through better assistance and support, the chances of converting potential customers into long-term and loyal customers are increased. By using questionnaires, chatbots, email marketing and social media listening techniques, the goal is to better support customers, receive feedback, track their interactions with the company and create – maintain customer loyalty.

Inbound Lead Generation makes the company more attractive to customers because it doesn’t give them the impression of selling – pressure. The content provided through Inbound Marketing is educational, interactive, made more welcome by consumers and builds the expertise of the business.

When implemented correctly, Inbound Marketing can perform dramatically better than traditional marketing. Inbound Marketing is a good investment that will bring long-term results as it is based on organic actions. It is more cost-effective yet more efficient, attracting the right potential customers and creating a trusting relationship with the business in question. Combining it with Outbound Lead Generation tactics helps in the overall growth of a business by attracting new customers and interacting with them in a targeted manner.

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