Search Engine Optimization
Increase quality traffic through organic search engine results.

What is it

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website by applying specific techniques in order to achieve better organic rankings on search engine results pages and increase its traffic.

Organic rankings or organic results are the unpaid – advertised results that result after the evaluation of the website by the respective search engine.

Why it is necessary

Utilizing an SEO strategy gives the business significant opportunities to appear to potential customers who are actively seeking content about the products or services it offers. This is achieved through improved search engine rankings, leading to an increase in organic website traffic.

Google uses algorithms in which it has defined more than 200 factors to evaluate sites, which “score” the actions taken both on-site and off-site.

In order to achieve an increase in impressions, traffic to the site and markets – profitability, there must be an integrated strategy that includes the application of techniques across the entire spectrum of SEO.

The SEO strategy includes

On-site SEO strategy

  • Keyword research & competition analysis
  • On-page factors health-check & ranking parameters and more specifically: site URL structure, duplicate content, Headings, Meta-descriptions, Page Titles, Canonical Tags, website images, site architecture and internal links
  • Technical SEO (website audit, robots txts, sitemaps etc.)
  • Optimization Core Web Vitals & loading speed
  • Δημιουργία Post Blogs and Develop a Content Marketing Plan
  • Local SEO & Google Business Profile optimization

Off-site SEO strategy

Deals mainly with links and backlinks to website content and other content related to the business.

  • Outreach: Creating links to the brands, content and information on the site.
  • Content Marketing: Post content on other related sites that link to the site.
  • Check the backlink profile of the website and complete off-page health check

An SEO strategy is an investment. It takes a long period of time to optimize but has the potential to have a long-term impact on your organic results. While with PPC advertising on Google and Facebook the volume of inbound traffic remains constant, in SEO the volume of traffic month after month cumulatively increases.

This is because quality SEO results in higher and higher organic Google rankings for more and more keywords.

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