E-shops / E-commerce
The design and implementation of a digital store for the purpose of presenting products or services and selling them to a defined audience.

What is it

In recent years, the audience that makes purchases through the internet is increasing and at the same time competition is increasing as a large percentage of companies now offer their products and/or services through their online stores. The share of physical trade is shrinking year by year and thus the need for businesses to sell products or services online becomes imperative.

The creation and implementation of an e-shop is the necessary step that a business must take today in order to grow and be competitive.

At AstroLabs we have the ability to build the e-shop that will meet the needs of a business, but also the requirements of its customers. Our years of experience combined with our skilled team of developers is the key ingredient for the successful completion of the projects we undertake.

Each project for us is unique and based entirely on the needs of your company, so we examine all aspects of the project with a specific methodology.

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The graphic design of the e-shop is part of the corporate identity of a company. It is necessary for an e-shop to have a modern and contemporary aesthetic and to follow the trends of web-design, without sacrificing its functionality, but also without limiting the user to easily buy what he is looking for in the e-shop.

The AstroLabs team provides the possibility of a complete (custom) graphic design of a new e-shop, oriented towards an improved user experience using modern techniques in UX & UI design. Alternatively, ready-made themes can be used, which may or may not be customized.

The security of an e-shop is a factor in Google's evaluation of SEO, as well as that of the users themselves. E-shop stores user data, which is personal data such as name, contact details, transaction details and other sensitive data. Today, the protection of personal data is provided by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and must be applied to every online shop or platform. AstroLabs by implementing special protocols and data encryption techniques ensures the overall security of the e-shop and more specifically:

  • Protection against malicious attacks
  • Data security
  • Security of transactions
  • Compatibility with GDPR

The AstroLabs team has chosen the most popular open source platforms for the development of the e-shop, which ensure ease of management and provide a wealth of tools to improve productivity.

SEO is an important source of traffic for an e-shop. Google uses more than 200 evaluation factors to rank websites and e-shops in its search engine results, some of which include security, speed and user experience.

The AstroLabs team builds SEO ready e-shop on Google friendly platforms that support the areas that are considered by search engines during the evaluation process.

What are the characteristics of an e-shop?

Search system (based on text, code, brand, etc.)
Product characteristics (color, size, brand, etc.)
Filters (price, size, sheet etc.)
Product comparison
List of favourite products (wishlist)
Product preview (preview)
Product evaluation and reviews
Product flows (news, offers etc.)
Related products
Multiple price lists (B2B, B2C)
VAT zones.
Multiple discounts
Multiple coins
Courier (transport calculation system)
Payment systems with multiple possibilities
One-page checkout
Guest checkout
Discount coupons
Gift vouchers
Loyalty system
Newsletter registration and connection to the sending platform
Multilingual system
Create XML links to Skroutz, Best Price etc.

We can provide custom solutions!

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Interface with ERP
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Bulk data import from old e-shop
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Create XML / CSV interfaces with suppliers
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Bulk data import from XML / CSV

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