Paid Lead Generation
Channeling specific messages to potential customers with the aim of conversion

What is it

Paid Lead Generation is the method used to attract leads (targeted messages of high interest) in combination with the use of PPC (pay per click) advertising channels. The display of paid ads can be done through Google Search, Facebook, ad networks and many other paid sources that can provide high targeted traffic.

PPC campaigns provide the opportunity for advanced audience targeting. With these options, targeted ads can be created that can focus on potential customers of high interest to the business in question.

Also, the advantages of the method include the time of performance as compared to SEO practices, the results come more immediately and there are also possibilities for immediate optimization of actions.

Paid Lead Generation includes

  • Landing Page: Implementation of specialized landing pages that include, graphic design, text writing, page development, creation of automations and autoresponders, in order to spark the interest of potential customers.
  • Google Ads: Search campaigns are used to showcase the business to an audience that has expressed interest in specific services and products. This results in attracting interested audiences that are closer to conversion and leads to the generation of new leads.
  • Social Ads: Through the advertising campaigns in social ads, it is possible to reach a targeted audience that has expressed interest in the products or services of the business in question. Accordingly, it leads to the generation of new leads.
  • Lead Form Extensions: advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) enable the creation of detailed expressions of interest forms directly in the ad, which increases the likelihood of lead capture as users do not have to navigate to another page.

It is an excellent method, with very good results if the data of the appropriate target audience and clear – measurable objectives are set correctly.

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