Social Media Management
A comprehensive plan for the management of the company's social media channels.

What is it

Social Media Management by definition is the management of a company’s Social channels, based on an integrated strategy and its proper implementation, taking into account the specificities and needs of each company.

Social Media Management contains all the necessary actions for the successful management of the company’s Social Media accounts. It is a process of creating, publishing and managing content on social media.

A strong social media presence is essential for any business that wants to evolve in the modern, digitalized era. The possibilities that Social Media Platforms offer businesses are limitless and offer solutions, in an already competitive market.

With a strong presence of the company in Social Media, through the appropriate channels, it is possible to connect with more potential customers, differentiate from the competition, achieve greater brand awareness, increase incoming leads and profitability.

Through Social Media Platforms, the company has the opportunity to promote its products, services and philosophy in the best possible way to the appropriate potential clientele, as well as to build trust with them (Customer Loyalty), as they are given the opportunity to have direct contact and information.

Each Social Media platform is aimed at different ages and interests. Choosing the right social platform, is about understanding the type of users that each one is targeting.

Before the point of selection and evaluation, some of the stages of the Digital Marketing Strategy of the company are implemented and these are:

  • Collection of information, analysis and evaluation of the company’s current online presence and digital marketing activities to date
  • Study and analysis of competition in Social Media
  • Identification of marketing personas and analysis of their behaviour in social networks
  • Defining specific objectives (KPIs) to be achieved that relate to measurable elements that are aligned with the objectives of the business
  • Selection of the social media to be used to achieve the objectives and their appropriate configuration
  • Identification of the brand identity, definition of the tone of voice, aesthetics, which will define the online presence of the company
  • Social Media Posting Strategy : Selection of the subject matter, the type and frequency of posts and the content production mechanism

What it includes

  • Production of all posts based on the established strategy.
  • Themes for posts, creation of visuals, copywriting
  • Design of the basic graphics that will form the basis for the aesthetics of the creation of the posts.
  • Hashtag research
  • Scheduling of posts at specific times and days in order to maximize the visibility of the business
  • Creation of visuals for the thematic campaigns that run periodically (e.g. Black Friday) and related thematic posts.
  • Community Management: Management of incoming messages and comments left by the audience on the client’s channels with or without the cooperation of the client
  • Monthly Reporting: analysis of statistics and efficiency of all our digital marketing activities.
  • Weekly communication with the account manager.
  • Monthly meeting with the digital strategist

By implementing all of the above, we aim to optimize the online presence, to reshape the overall image of the company in Social Media and to develop it based on the business objectives.

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