Websites - Multilingual Portals
The design and implementation of a digital page, in order to present the products or services and spaces of a company or an individual.

What is it

A website is an integral part of a company’s corporate identity. It is the basic tool for the wider and more comprehensive presentation of the products, services and activities of a company. Its aim is to communicate directly and clearly faster with users and customers, through fully functional designed pages and specialized tools.

But what should a modern website have today in order to offer all of the above? It’s a set of factors that must be structured in such a way that the end result evokes excitement in terms of design, but also makes it easy for visitors to easily navigate and find what they are looking for on the business website.

At AstroLabs we pay great attention to these factors and during the process of implementing a site, our team of specialized developers optimizes based on the following functions.

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Site speed plays a very important role in website traffic. A website that takes a long time to load, tires users and as a result they leave the website. This is the reason why Google, when it comes to SEO, has the loading speed factor high on the list of a site's rating. The implementation of websites by AstroLabs is done using specific methods that significantly improve the speed of the website.

An insecure site allows attackers to gain access to it and cause damage, ranging from downloading it to installing malware that can deceive users who visit it. So this is an important factor that is taken into consideration when building a website to ensure its proper and uninterrupted operation. It is also an equally important factor in Google's evaluation of SEO for the reasons mentioned above. At Astrolabs, to increase the security of a website we install security mechanisms and encryption protocols such as SSL, IPsec, certificate based authentication, IP based authentication to eliminate the risks of malicious actions to a minimum.

The evolution of technology in the field of smartphones has led to a significant increase in website traffic through mobile devices. A site that is not designed to display properly on mobile devices is bound to have significant losses in terms of visits.

In AstroLabs the implementation is done with a choice of responsive visuals which through user friendly interfaces offer the visitor a pleasant, effective and fast tour adapted for every desktop or mobile device.

One of the important advantages of dynamic sites is their ability to manage content, as well as the freedom for administrators to change the content of their website without the involvement of a developer. In AstroLabs the content management systems (CMS) we use for our websites are designed so that administrators with little or no knowledge in management, after a short training, can make changes and enrichment of content with ease and security.

The websites are built with the latest software packages. The way the website is built ensures compatibility with the most popular types of web-browsers.

The platforms on which the sites are built support the possibility of multilingualism. Even if other languages are not provided for in the initial design, it is possible to use other languages at a later stage. Also, it is possible for the content of the site in other languages to be different from that of Greek.

The design and implementation of the websites is done with the most modern techniques and in such a way that they can be updated and improved easily and quickly.

Rankings on the first page of Google results for words - phrases that interest a business are very important as they will "bring" targeted traffic to the website. In order to achieve rankings, SEO techniques must be applied to the website, which requires the website to be SEO friendly. The platforms on which we build the websites are 100% SEO friendly as they allow for customization and optimization of all the individual areas that Google considers in a website during its evaluation.

After the completion of the construction of the website, training in management follows, so that the modification and enrichment of the site can be done directly by the administrators and without the cooperation of third parties. Still, there are support packages available with which website content can be managed, as well as technical tasks that may arise at a later stage.

It is possible to implement custom solutions for the corporate presence of each company on the internet, such as UX & UI design, custom graphic design, design for the disabled, etc. Furthermore, the implementation and application of special mechanisms such as hotel and car reservation systems, online appointment systems, etc. is supported.

In cooperation with the digital marketing team, we can undertake the creation and editing of the website content (texts, graphic design, photo editing).

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