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Golden Brands - Mobile Application


Golden Brands, since 2012, has significantly developed the provision of a high level of service to the company’s customer-partner, as well as its full range of products to meet every need, while maintaining a competitive price list.

Golden Brands, approached the AstroLabs team to design and create a custom application that will provide its B2B clientele with the ability to order for the supply of their stores.


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The team of AstroLabs’ specialized developers designed and implemented the new application, in order to manage a large volume of orders, the future and continuous upgrade of functions, but also the easier use of the application by its visitors. The objectives of this project were:

Easy navigation of the visitor in the application with access from any device, computer or mobile phone, as long as there is internet access.

The creation of a personalized product list for customers, in order to allow them to order or re-order their favorite products.

The creation of a secure additional sales channel.

The increase of customer loyalty towards the brand, due to the security of the use of the application.

The provision of a common logo for the e-shop and mobile app, simplifying the choice of purchase channel for customers.

Through the creation of the application, using Prestashop as a content management system (CMS), we managed to realize all the goals and create the basis for even more optimizations.

To interface the application with Prestashop, a custom interface (API) was created, which allows direct communication and updating of the application’s data based on the e-shop’s products, which always remain up-to-date as they are interconnected with the Golden Brands warehouse.

What is Prestashop?

Prestashop is an open source e-shop content management system (CMS), which is written in PHP and supports MySQL databases. It is a universal solution that can be customized to optimally serve the needs of large, medium and small businesses.

Some of Prestashop’s features include unlimited product and category listings, multi-store management and high-speed navigation. Prestashop even has inventory management features such as tracking and out-of-stock notifications, as well as customer, sales and order statistics.


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