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Veta Accessories is a constantly evolving and growing business in the fashion industry, which has been active since 1990 until today, knowing great demand as it stands out for its unique collections and its wide range of bags and accessories.

Veta Accessories approached AstroLabs in 2018, looking for ways to strengthen and upgrade its online presence. Through its collaboration with AstroLabs, it wanted to achieve, the increase of brand awareness, social media followers and sales.


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Increase in Facebook & Instagram impressions

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Increase Instagram Followers

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Increase the number of users who interact frequently with the Newsletter


The AstroLabs team, in 2018, after creating a Digital Marketing Strategy, started Social Media Management and Email Marketing activities in order to achieve the aforementioned.

In Social Media the goal was to develop a strong presence through organic connection with potential customers and the creation of an active audience on Facebook & Instagram pages.

Email Marketing activities were aimed at increasing sales to an existing customer base.

In order to achieve the business objectives of Veta Accessories, we collected the necessary information about the brand, completed an extensive study of the competition and created a plan of action, identifying the marketing personas and the tone of voice to which the business should address.

While the company's social media channels were active, the creative did not present the products in a modern way and there was a lack of aesthetics. As these products are directly linked to aesthetics, style and fashion, their social media presentation needed to communicate the aesthetics, style and quality of the products. Through the social media posting strategy, the topics, the content of the posts, the mechanisms for generating material, the hashtags and the frequency of posting were defined in detail in order to achieve the company's objectives.

The image of Veta Accessories on Social Media has changed:

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Our aim is for the company to be in a continuous dialogue with the client, who has already expressed an interest in information. Also, to achieve an increase in targeted results, awareness (Brand Awareness), to enhance customer loyalty and to create a loyal audience that chooses it for its purchases (Customer Loyalty).

For Veta Accessories, we used Newsletters which are sent at a regular frequency to the company's mailing list and have specific topics. Their purpose is to inform the customer about the new collection & receipts as well as offers of seasonal content.

The image of Veta Accessories has changed:


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